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Found: Hey Hey It's Saturday's advice documents regarding minstrel shows

A recent bargain purchase at our local pre-dump opportunity shop. Whodathunkit? Minstrel records are plentiful just 100m from the dump?

Obviously The Hey Hey comedy team's recent blackface issue could have been avoided had they just explained to everyone using the text on the reverse of this piece of vinyl.

It reads:

"Over the past 100 years, minstrel shows have established themselves as a traditional part of the entertainment scene, along with pantomimes, clowns, circuses and Punch and Judy Shows, following a set but always entertaining format."

"There are some people who regard minstrel shows as an unfortunate parody of the Negro ... But, surely, the Negro has now proved beyond doubt the he is capable and willing to play an important role in modern society?"

" ... No, the blacking up of faces and the "coon" costume has no racialist undertones and those who read offence into it are perhaps a little guilty of intolerance themselves."

So stop being so racialist, the friggin coon costume ain't no disrespect to the Negro 'cos it is harking back to the day the Negro was useless part of society. Sheesh. You racialists.

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